The tuition is determined by the Columbus Christian School Board on a year-to-year basis. Every attempt is made to see that the resources God gives us are used effectively and efficiently.


 Registration Rates for Returning & New Families

Total Registration Fees Due at Enrollment
Registration fees are due upon enrollment and are not refundable unless a new student is not accepted to CCS.


         Returning Family Rates Per Student

Before April 1 $260.00
After April 1 $310.00


             New Family Rates with Discount

One Student $210.00
Two Students $445.00
Three Students $680.00
Four Students $915.00
More than four is prorated  


**Registration Fees are required for each student regardless if you have a free student.**

Tuition Information

Tuition Payment Options

CCS families with students in grades Kindergarten through 8th may choose one of three types of payment plan:

Payment in full (5% discount if paid in full by July 31st).

10-month (First payment due August 1st and last payment due May 1st).

12-month (First payment due June 1st and last payment due May 1st).


(Students starting during the school year will receive prorated Tuition.)


Payment Plans

  Student Year 10 Month 12 Month
 K-8th Family Plan        
  1st $3,725


  2nd $3,220 $322.00 $268.33
  3rd $2,865 $286.50 $238.75
  4th FREE!


Accounts that are paid in full by July 31st are automatically given a 5% discount. Examples of savings are as follows:
    5% discount  New Total 
1st Student $3,725.00 - $186.25 = $3,538.75
2nd Student $3,220.00 - $161.00 = $3,059.00
3rd Student $2,865.00 - $143.25 = $2,721.75