The tuition is determined by the Columbus Christian School Board on a year-to-year basis. Every attempt is made to see that the resources God gives us are used effectively and efficiently.


Total Registration Fees Due at Enrollment
Registration fees are due upon enrollment and are not refundable unless a new student is not accepted to CCS.

Before April 1 $260.00
April 1 – May 31 $310.00
June 1 and Later $360.00

Tuition Payment Options

CCS families with students in grades Kindergarten through 8th may choose one of three types of payment plan:

  • Payment in full (5% discount if paid in full by July 31st).
  • 10-month (First payment due August 1st and last payment due May 1st).
  • 12-month (First payment due June 1st and last payment due May 1st).


Payment Plans

  Student Year 10 Month 12 Month
 K-8th Family Plan        
  1st $3,725


  2nd $3,220 $322.00 $268.33
  3rd $2,865 $286.50 $238.75
  4th FREE!


Accounts that are paid in full by July 31st are automatically given a 5% discount. Examples of savings are as follows:
    5% discount  New Total 
1st Student $3,725.00 - $186.25 = $3,538.75
2nd Student $3,220.00 - $161.00 = $3,059.00
3rd Student $2,865.00 - $143.25 = $2,721.75